About WITS

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Our goal is to assist local churches in supplementing their Adult Christian Education program through informative seminars and speakers who are trained scholars in particular areas of Bible and Theology, at no cost to participants.

WITS seeks to help us all answer questions like, “What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus Christ in today’s world, and what do I need to know about the Bible, Jesus, and the basic teachings of Christian theology?”

We aim to assist Christians in local churches with informative seminars on relevant topics such as:

How to interpret Scripture.
How following Jesus intersects with our culture in the Pacific Northwest.
What we need to know about church history.
What the Bible teaches about ethics and leadership.
What is a "Christian worldview" and why it is important.
Understanding biblical books, for example, the letters of Paul and Old Testament Scripture.

WITS is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Washington. It is funded totally through local donations, and the seminars are offered at no cost to all who attend.

The core doctrine of WITS is best expressed in the Apostles’ Creed, and our desire is to include interested Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox believers, as well as those without a church home.

WITS. began in early 2010 as a collaborative effort by a group of Christians in various churches on Whidbey Island, who greatly desired a more comprehensive level of Christian theological education than was available locally.

Forming an ecumenical steering committee, they decided to tap into the biblical and theological expertise of teachers and professors from a number of seminaries and universities throughout the Puget Sound region, and bring them to Whidbey Island to teach at seminars for Whidbey residents.

In 2015, a Board was formed to oversee WITS operations, and WITS was registered as a non-profit organization with The State of Washington's Secretary of State.

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